• „A cellist playing the stars from the sky“

    Volkskrant Amsterdam


    R.I.P. dear Lynn!

    What an honor to be a friend and colleague of you. You were such a giant. Singular. Idol of my youth. Thankful for the many unforgettable occasions to meet and hear you in concert. Treasures in life. To learn from your wisdom, musicianship, human spirits, humbleness, humor, joy and sheer generosity and warmth. You embraced us and the world. And you did magically put the world into every single note on the cello. Every note a universe of human expression. Hard to express the sadness that you left us. In times when sharing music in concerts is standing still. I send my deepest condolences to your loved ones. We will all remember you and keep sharing your legacy. Every time we play a single note on the cello something will shine.